Introducing One Minute Spanish for Latin America

oml-spanlam-600Like our newly launched One Minute Spanish course, One Minute Spanish for Latin America introduces the Spanish language in small steps, focusing on the pronunciation used in most Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America. By following the ten lessons of our course you’ll pick up just enough Spanish to get by in a variety of situations. Topics include greetings, common words, introducing yourself, talking about learning Spanish and language difficulties, numbers, asking people how they are and other useful phrases.

Our lessons will be published every Friday, starting 22 October for ten weeks. Listen to the introduction to the series below.

If you can’t wait ten weeks for our entire course you can access the premium version of the entire course immediately. This features a lesson guide, video versions of each lesson featuring the words and phrases on the screen of your computer or mobile device as you listen, and an enhanced ebook which features the text and the video content and can be played on iPodTouch, iPhone and iPad through the iBooks app. Click on ‘purchase membership’ below to access all these resources for a one-off payment of £7.99.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing One Minute Spanish for Latin America”

  1. I’m very happy that you are beginning this Latin American Spanish course. I write in Spanish every day but I need the oportunity to practice conversation and understanding the spoken instead of the written word. Ustedes pueden responder en español si desean, puedo entender. Gracias

  2. from @loveCBSpanish : Wow, Mark, as the kids say here, you are the BOMM!! I was so hoping for some more Spanish and you read my mind!!!! ¡Muchisimas Gracias! Once again, I get to tell more people (to brag 🙂 about how you and RLN are innovators and have your senses on the pulse of your audience base. Take care now, until next time, Carol

  3. Can I play the One Minute Spanish for Latin America free audio on my iPad? The button does not appear because I do not have the Adobe Flash player installed, which Adobe does not license for use on the iPad.

    Can I download the free audio for playing on my Android phone (HTC Evo)?


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