Coffee Break Spanish picks up TMN Online Excellence Award

We’re delighted to find out today that Coffee Break Spanish has won one of The Morning News Editor’s Choice Awards for Online Excellence. Here’s what they said about us:

We’ve been meaning to learn Spanish for años, but the problem with most audio language lessons is that, except for the parts in another language, the hosts’ monotone dialogue kicks in our ADD. Not so with Mark and Kara, the charming hosts at Coffee Break Spanish. Because they’re Scottish—and therefore have the world’s most appealing accents—the parts in English and en español are never a bore. Additional reading is available via download for those students who want an enriched listening experience, but the lessons are so well-designed that you won’t lose out if you choose only the bare-bones path the first time around.

Apparently we’re a “best-in-class approach to language lessons”! Many thanks to The Morning News!