Black Friday Sale 2016


This weekend we’re offering a huge 25% discount on all our courses as part of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. This is your chance to sign up for the premium version of our courses and access all the associated bonus materials including transcripts, lesson notes, videos and bonus audio.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve moved our premium courses over to the new Coffee Break Academy.

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Included in the sale

  • Coffee Break French Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bundles
  • Coffee Break Spanish Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bundles
  • Coffee Break Spanish To Go Season 1
  • Coffee Break Italian Season 1
  • Coffee Break German Season 1
  • High Five Spanish Season 1
  • All One Minute Languages Courses

Not included in the sale

There are some items which are not included in this year’s Black Friday sale because we’ve not yet moved them over to our new Academy, or because they’re not yet available for pre-order:

  • Coffee Break French Masterclass
  • Coffee Break Spanish Masterclass
  • Coffee Break Italian Season 2
  • Coffee Break German Season 2
  • Coffee Break Chinese Season 1
  • High Five French


Don’t miss out!

Our sale has already started and must finish at midnight UK time on Monday 30th November. Please make sure you purchase in time and get a head start on your language learning for 2017!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that the reduction will be applied at checkout.
  2. Use of the coupon code per customer is unlimited: buy as many courses as you like with the discount.
  3. EU customers should be aware that the 25% discount will be applied and then VAT at local rate will be added to the total cost.
  4. The sale only applies to items purchased on the Coffee Break Academy and is not applicable to products currently available in the iBookstore or Kindle store.
  5. The sale does not apply to School licences purchased through our Radio Lingua Schools website.
  6. No refunds will be given on any materials purchased at full price during this time if the coupon codes have not been used.
  7. No refunds will be given on any materials purchased prior to the launch of this sale, or after the closing date as listed below.
  8. We are publicising this sale on Twitter, Facebook, through our members’ database by email and via our mailing list. If you do not receive this information via one of these channels within the period of the sale we cannot retrospectively apply the discount.
  9. Our sale ends at midnight UTC / 7pm EST on Tuesday 29th November

Episode 1 – Coffee Break Conversations

In this first episode of Coffee Break Conversations, join Radio Lingua founder Mark Pentleton as he takes you behind the scenes of the company. In this episode the team is preparing for the 10th anniversary of the company and Mark has been putting together a video which looks back at the past 10 years.

Episode 38 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this episode of Coffee Break Spanish we join María for a diary entry in which she reflects on her decision to move to Argentina where she and Rory will start their new life. As usual the episode is rich in idiomatic expressions and complex grammar. One expression which is covered in the episode is salir redondo – find out more by listening now.

Introducing Coffee Break Chinese

We’re over the moon to be announcing that we’ll be launching Coffee Break Chinese in early 2017, adding our fifth language to the Coffee Break series. With Coffee Break Chinese you’ll be learning the basics of Mandarin with an experienced teacher. We can’t say much more about this now, but if you’d like to be kept up to speed with our developments – and maybe even get access to a preview of some of our content, click here.

The Coffee Break App

You may have read recently that we’ve been having some issues with a group of app developers who have published unauthorised apps featuring our Coffee Break lessons. Indeed, you may well have downloaded a Coffee Break app on your phone. You should be aware that these are NOT published by us and that we have been working through the legal process with Apple and the Google Play Store to have these illegal apps removed. The only way to access our content is through our website, and now on the Coffee Break Academy.

To be clear – our free content is currently available through the Podcasts app on iOS, and if you’re a premium member we’ll have provided a way for you to download the premium content through Podcasts too. However, if you’ve downloaded a Coffee Break app which was not published by Radio Lingua, then this is an unauthorised app. Please click here for more information about this and how to deal with the situation if you have downloaded an unauthorised app.

However – here’s the good news! We are working on our own app which will allow our current premium subscribers to access all the content they’ve previously purchased on a handy app. This app will launch early next year, and we’re sure it will be the perfect way to keep your Coffee Break content with you wherever you go. We’ll be updating our website and social media channels in due course as soon as we have a launch date.

Taking you behind the scenes of Radio Lingua

Here at Radio Lingua we are a small team of full-time employees – there are currently just 3 of us working full time bringing you this huge range of content. However, we also work with an extended team of native speakers, assistants and teachers who join us regularly for recording, writing, meetings and so on. Sometimes we work from home, sometimes we’re in the office or the studio, and sometimes we get the opportunity to travel whether it’s for recording or meetings or filming in the countries where the language is spoken.

We’ve decided to take you ‘behind the scenes’ with a new series of short videos. Coffee Break Conversations will let you see what goes into making our courses, and you’ll get to know the people who bring you your Coffee Break lessons. Coffee Break Conversations starts next week.

Radio Lingua merchandise now available

It’s getting to that time of year when you may be looking for a gift for a language learner you love. We’re delighted to introduce to you today the Radio Lingua Merchandise shop!

You can finally buy a Coffee Break Spanish mug, or a Coffee Break French canvas tote bag. Remind yourself about your language learning every time you open the fridge with our Coffee Break German fridge-magnet, or cook up a storm with our Coffee Break Italian apron. There are High Five French and High Five Spanish items for children too including t-shirts, water bottles and more.

Your coffee break will never be the same again once you have your very own Coffee Break mug! (Have mug on camera)

Introducing High Five Spanish

We launched our Spanish course for children earlier this year for schools and today we’re delighted to announce that High Five Spanish is going to be available to the public, and it will also in the new Coffee Break Academy. We’re publishing the series in packs of 10 lessons, and pack 1 is already available. This fantastic resource for younger learners features native English speaker Sophie who is learning Spanish with her friends Marina and Miguel. I’ll hand you over to Sophie who will tell you more.

Each lesson of High Five Spanish features a short video, the High Five Spanish radio show, notes for parents to help your child learn Spanish, and activity sheets for children. There will be four packs in total, and packs 2, 3 and 4 will be added to the Academy over the next few months. Needless to say, High Five Spanish has been created by experienced teachers of the language and learners will build their knowledge as they progress through the progressive lessons, along with Sophie.

So, if you have a child – or a grandchild – who would like to learn Spanish, there’s no better way to help them than High Five Spanish. Head over to and click on the Family Edition button for more information.

And that’s not all – we’ve also started moving High Five French into the new Academy, so Pack 1 is available there too featuring lessons 1-10. You can join native English speaker Emma who is learning French with her friend Mathilde.

One Minute Languages on the New Academy

The Coffee Break Academy goes live today as we’ve already moved all our One Minute courses over to the new system. This means that you can learn any one of 26 languages with our “espresso shots”. From Arabic to Zulu, choose your language, and enjoy our high quality video versions and lesson notes in these ten-lesson introductions to the language. To celebrate, we’re even adding in two brand new courses: you can now learn the basics of Galician, a regional language spoken in the north of Spain, and as we’re heading into the festive season, you can learn the basics of Finnish and say “hello, how are you?” to Santa Claus himself.

To access the Coffee Break Academy, please click here.

The New Coffee Break Academy

It’s graduation time!

As you know, most of our courses feature free lessons, available on our website and on iTunes, Soundcloud and so on, but we also have premium courses which feature additional materials to help you take your learning further. We’ve been looking at ways in which we can improve how we deliver these courses and today we’re delighted to announce the new Coffee Break Academy. Moving forward, this will be where all our premium courses will be hosted.

We’ve been reworking our existing content into new courses which feature the usual downloadable audio and pdf materials, but we’re also introducing video to seasons 1 and 2 for all languages, and making the whole process a smooth and enjoyable experience. Of course, with a huge back catalogue featuring hundreds of language lessons, this is a gradual process. We’ll be moving our Coffee Break series over to the new Academy in the next few weeks, and we’ll be offering everyone who has purchased a course in 2016 a complementary account in the new Academy. Equally, anyone who purchases a course between now and when we move over will be swapped into the new Academy when it’s ready.

The Coffee Break Academy will be a one-stop shop for all our premium content and we believe it will offer learners an easy and smooth process from purchase to language mastery!

Ready to try out the new Coffee Break Academy? Click here. You’ll notice that not all our courses are active on the Academy quite yet – we’ll be adding to these in the coming weeks.

Just a quick word about our current Masterclass members who have been using the Academy to access this system. We’ll also be moving the Masterclass into the new Academy, but we’ll be in touch with you to guide you through that process when the courses are fully set up on the new site.

Introducing Coffee Break Spanish To Go

¿Cuál es la pregunta de hoy?

We’ve been asking our beginner and intermediate students what you would find most useful to help you in the earlier stages of the language. While many of you feel that you’re able to say things in the language, the number one difficulty for learners is understanding what native speakers say in response. For example: if you are asked ¿cómo estás? -“how are you feeling?” – you can reply estoy bien. You may well hear that answer from a native speaker too, but it’s quite likely that you’ll hear something a bit more complicated:

Estoy muy bien, aquí por Málaga, dándome una vuelta, y hoy no hace demasiado calor, así que estoy estupendo.

And if you’re fairly new to the language, that’s quite a tricky answer! So… in order to respond to this learner need, we’ve put together a brand new course. It’s time to take what you’ve learned in the early stages of the language, and move further with it. We’ve headed out onto the streets of Spain with our camera and asked native Spanish speakers some questions. We’re calling this Coffee Break Spanish – To Go.

Coffee Break Spanish To Go is a short course featuring 10 videos, each video asking a different question. While the questions in this series may be quite easy to begin with, the answers range from a few words, to complex sentences spoken quickly in local accents – and this is exactly what our learners have been asking for. We’ve provided subtitles in Spanish so that you can see exactly what each interviewee says, and there are, of course, language notes with explanations of the grammatical and cultural elements covered.

Coffee Break Spanish To Go launches on Monday, the 7th of November. This season is aimed at learners working on Season 1 and Season 2 of Coffee Break Spanish, but we hope to add more series featuring more complex questions and answers in the future.

Announcing Coffee Break Italian Season 2

Pronti per un altro caffè?

Coffee Break Italian Season 1 finished in the summer, and we get daily emails, tweets and messages asking us when Season 2 is starting… So, we’re delighted to report that your new year resolutions for 2017 can also include improving your Italian! Season 2 begins in January and we’ve been busy recording the first batch of lessons already.

Season 2 will give you the chance to increase your understanding and build your range of expression in Italian and we’re really looking forward to launching this next stage. To be kept up to date with the developments and the definitive launch date, click here and fill in your details.

Announcing Coffee Break German Season 2

Lust auf noch mehr Deutsch?

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on the long-awaited second season of Coffee Break German. In this season you’ll take your German to the next level, building on what you learned in Season 1. There will be more situations, you’ll learn to talk about the past and the future, you’ll learn more about how the German language works, and you’ll also learn some tricks to help you avoid the most difficult aspects of German grammar. We’ll also be looking more at Austrian, Swiss and German culture with the help of Julia.

So, when will CBG2 be available? We’re launching the new season in January 2017, so you can start planning your new year’s resolutions to include improving your German! There will be more information coming soon, and we’ll be introducing our new CBG teacher next month. For now, click here and fill in your details to be notified as soon as we know the launch date – and you may even get access to a sneak preview!

Our 10th Birthday Announcements

Join our Founder and CEO Mark Pentleton for our 10th birthday announcements:

  1. Coffee Break French Season 5 coming in 2017
  2. Coffee Break German Season 2 launches January 2017
  3. Coffee Break Italian Season 2 launches January 2017
  4. Coffee Break Spanish To Go – new video show launching 7th Nov 2016
  5. Brand new Coffee Break Academy where our premium courses will be hosted
  6. 26 One Minute Languages courses already in Coffee Break Academy – including new courses in Galician and Finnish
  7. High Five Spanish launching on Coffee Break Academy – help your child learn Spanish
  8. Coffee Break Merchandise now available
  9. Coffee Break Conversations – new behind-the-scenes video series
  10. The Coffee Break App coming soon
  11. Announcing Coffee Break Chinese, launching early 2017

Follow the links above to find out more.