You want imperatives? You got them!

Joe Dale of Integrating ICT into the Classroom pointed out this video on YouTube which you may well have seen or heard of, but it has been subtitled in Spanish which may interest our Coffee Break Spanish learners who are desperate to learn some imperatives (command forms)! These are actually coming up in a future lesson (76) but in the meantime, here is a very clever performance, and a challenge to follow the Spanish in under three minutes!

Season 1 – Lesson 34 – Coffee Break French

In this episode, it’s breakfast time in Ste-Marie sur Mer. Mark and Anna are joined by Anna’s friend as they order breakfast. Having learned the content from previous lessons, listeners will understand much of the material in this lesson.

Season 1 – Lesson 33 – Coffee Break French

In this episode, join Mark and Anna in France as they arrive at the hotel. Anna plays the role of Jane Johnson, a British tourist who is checking in at the hotel. In this dialogue, you’ll recognise lots of the words and phrases covered in Lessons 22 and 23.

Season 1 – Lesson 32 – Coffee Break French

Join Mark in this week’s episode as he arrives at Nantes Airport and asks for directions to get to Sainte-Marie. This gives you the chance to practise listening to French conversation and learn some new language at the same time.