Kulturhörnan 05 – Samisk kultur i Sverige – Coffee Break Swedish Culture

It’s the fifth and final episode of Kulturhörnan – “culture corner”, and we’re rounding off the series by welcoming a special guest, Irena Dahl, who is an ambassador for the Sami language and culture. In the episode Irena teaches Mark some Northern Sami and explains more about this fascinating culture. We also learn some new Swedish vocabulary with Lovisa.

CBE 1.14 | A typical day

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Coffee Break English! En esta lección, aprendemos a hablar de un día típico en inglés. Aprenderemos vocabulario para describir actividades diarias, y escucharemos muchos ejemplos del presente simple en las formas afirmativa y negativa. También aprenderemos a decir la hora.

Kulturhörnan 04 – Nobelpriset – Coffee Break Swedish Culture

We’re back with another episode of our mini Swedish culture series, Kulturhörnan – “culture corner”, and this time we’re learning about one of the most influential Swedes, Alfred Nobel. Join Mark and Lovisa as they discuss his life and work, as well as some nyårslöften (New Year’s Resolutions).

Chapitre 15 – Toutes ces questions s’accélérènt dans sa tête

In the latest episode of our advanced course for French learners, La Vérité éclate toujours, James, Yvette and Claire are on the move as they’re en route to Zurich to follow the only lead in their investigation so far. While James has so many unanswered questions spinning around his head throughout the journey, Claire provides further details of her relationship with Max and Roger. As always, we come into contact with some new words and phrases which will help you take your language skills to the next level. Manigancertueur à gages, and en avoir vu de toutes les couleurs are just some of the words and expressions you can expect to hear in this episode.

Chapitre 14 – C’est la seule piste que nous ayons !

James, Yvette and Claire are in disbelief as they discover the name of Claire’s ex-husband in one of the documents on Max’s USB stick. In an attempt to figure out how everything could be connected, they further examine the contents of the document, and make another discovery that leads them to the next stage of their investigation. As this episode is based around a dialogue between James, Yvette and Claire, we come across a number colloquial expressions and vocabulary. We hear various ways of showing disbelief, including the following phrases: j’en crois pas mes yeux and tout ça n’a aucun sens.