CBG 2.37 | Philip sitzt ja dort wie ein Häufchen Elend!

It’s time for another episode of Coffee Break German, and another instalment of our soap opera. This time we’re joining Carol, Miriam and Philip at the party where Philip is hoping to get to know Hanna a bit better. But will the arrival of Alex put a spanner in the works? As ever, the episode provides lots of opportunities to experience new and interesting vocabulary and grammar points in German, and Andrea guides us through any difficult language included.

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CBC 1.33 | Zhè shì nín de fáng kǎ.

It’s time for another episode of Coffee Break Chinese and in this lesson Mark is checking into his hotel in Beijing, using many of the structures covered in previous lessons. Hongyu is on hand to help Mark in China, and Crystal is in the studio “after the event”, discussing the language used in the lesson. This is a great opportunity to review vocabulary and grammar points associated with the topic of checking into a hotel.

CBI 2.36 | Incredibile, sembrano due piccioncini!

In the latest lesson of Coffee Break Italian we’re listening to episode 6 of our soap opera, La Mia Estate. Riccardo and Maria seem to be getting on well, much to the surprise of Mia, Anna and Giorgio, and Riccardo has some exciting news regarding his search for a house. The episode provides an opportunity to look further into imperatives and there is more practice of the pronouns ci and ne, and how they affect different verbs.

CBG 2.36 | Ich würde das gleich kaufen

In our latest episode of Coffee Break German we’re continuing our soap opera and joining Carola, Hanna and Miriam on a shopping trip. The dialogues provide an opportunity to look closely at a number of interesting language points, including the use of adjectives as nouns and the use of nouns as verbs! Andrea is on hand to explain everything to Mark and to our learners.

CBI 2.35 | La Mia Estate ep5 – Perché non ci diamo del tu?

It’s time for a new episode of Coffee Break Italian, and the latest episode of our soap opera, La Mia Estate. In this instalment Riccardo and Maria are on their way to Vipiteno, but they end up missing the train. Is this a recipe for disaster, or is it the perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other a little better? As ever, the episode is rich in complex grammar and useful vocabulary, and Mark and Francesca discuss everything to help you build your language skills.