Making suggestions in French using “si” + the Imperfect – Walk, Talk and Learn French Episode 003

There’s a really easy way to make a suggestion in French using si + the imperfect tense. You’ll learn how to do just that in this episode of Walk, Talk and Learn. Mark explains an advert from the Italian Tourist Board in Paris which reads et si vous redécouvriez l’Italie?

Making a suggestion is a simple as combining the word si, meaning “if, with the imperfect tense. You can use this construction in sentences such as “what about going to the cinema?” or “do you fancy eating out tonight”. You’ll learn how to use the construction, and Mark will test your understanding of it with some translation challenges against the clock.

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Mamma Mia Parody! The Story of a Language Learner

Here at Coffee Break Languages the whole team loves ABBA and we’re excited about the launch of Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again. In fact, we were so excited about the new film, we decided to make a parody of Mamma Mia, telling the story of a language learner. Make sure you switch on captions so that you can sing along!

We hope you enjoy this parody, that you have a laugh and that you sing along to the songs! The message is of course that learning a language can help you in so many ways, and we’d like to say Thank You For The Language – and to ABBA for making brilliant music!

The Coffee Break Team would like to thank everyone involved in this video.

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¿Cómo estás? – Asking “how are you?” in Spanish – Coffee Break Spanish To Go Episode 1.02

To ask “how are you?” in Spanish you can say ¿cómo estás?, or in a more formal situation, ¿cómo está usted? In this episode of Coffee Break Spanish To Go, Marina asks this question to passers-by in the streets of Málaga. You can use the answers of our interviewees to help you learn to introduce yourself in Spanish.

In the first part of the video, watch the interviews without subtitles and try to understand. In the second part of the video, we’ve provided subtitles in Spanish at the top of the screen. You can choose to turn on subtitles in English using the Subtitles/CC button.

In this first series of Coffee Break Spanish To Go, Marina is in the city of Málaga, in the south of Spain, and in each episode she’ll ask passers-by one question. Of course, that one question will result in many answers, and it’s through these answers that you can practise your Spanish and build your vocabulary.

Coffee Break Spanish To Go will be published every two weeks on YouTube, and each Season will be filmed in a different part of the Spanish-speaking world. If you’d prefer not to wait for all 10 lessons of Season 1 to be published, you can access downloadable versions of the videos along with audio versions and lesson notes / transcripts in the Coffee Break Academy: click here for more information.

Coffee Break Spanish To Go is based on the popular podcast series and online course Coffee Break Spanish. For access to the free podcasts, please click here.

Giving negative commands in Italian – Walk, Talk and Learn Italian Episode 002

Don’t read this! Don’t look at me! Don’t say a word! Don’t watch this video. Well, do watch this video if you want to know how to use negative commands in Italian! Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian.

This episode is based on a notice Mark encounters at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan which states non somministrare cibo ai gatti – don’t give food to the cats. Francesca will explain exactly how negative commands work in Italian, and you’ll find out that for the most part it’s very straightforward because you can use an infinitive. Don’t miss this episode!