CBI 1-19 | Using public transport in Italian

In this latest episode of Coffee Break Italian you’ll learn to use Italian in the context of taking public transport and understanding train and bus departure and arrival times. As usual, you’ll build on what you’ve learned in previous lessons and develop your confidence further in Italian.

Season 4 – Episode 38 – Coffee Break French

Lesson 438

In this episode of Coffee Break French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark discuss Sylvie’s most recent email to her mother Monique. The text gives us the opportunity to talk about a number of interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions including further examples of the gerund, s’apercevoir de quelque chose, insister pour and the expression brûler les étapes.

Episode 10 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 10 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4, María and Rory are looking forward to the future and talking about their studies and their possible plans for further travelling. They also discuss Alejandro’s visit. As usual there are many examples of interesting grammar points and idiomatic expressions in this episode.

CBI 1-18 | Asking for directions in Italian

In this episode of Coffee Break Italian you’ll learn more ways to ask questions and understand information. We cover opening and closing times and complex directions to help you cope on a trip to Italy.

CBI 1-17 | Asking for information in Italian

In lesson 17 of Coffee Break Italian, you’ll learn to construct a number of phrases which will be useful for a shopping trip in Italy. You’ll build on previously learned language and learn to use new vocabulary in existing structures for shopping and tourist information.

Season 4 – Episode 37 – Coffee Break French

It’s time for another episode of Coffee Break French, and in this episode Mark and Pierre-Benoît discuss the latest email from Monique to her daughter Sylvie. A number of interesting examples of French appear in this episode, including the expressions de mon temps, en faire lourd and further examples of the imperfect tense.

Episode 9 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In the latest episode in our series we eavesdrop on a phone call between Rory and his Argentinian friend Alejandro who is on holiday in Spain and wants to come over to Mallorca to see Rory and to meet María. The episode is rich in idiomatic expressions and interesting grammar points, and you’ll also get the chance to become more familiar with the use of the Argentinian vos form of the verb.

CBI 1-16 | Shopping in Italian

CBI Lesson 116

In this latest episode of Coffee Break Italian we’re heading to the “negozio” – the shop – to learn how to go shopping in Italian. You’ll develop a range of new structures which will help you increase your confidence and mastery of Italian, and you’ll learn how to use Italian in a variety of situations where you need to buy things while in Italy.

CBI 1-15 | Counting in Italian

One thing which is vital when you’re learning a language is being able to count and deal with numbers in many situations including paying for things and dealing with dates and appointments. In this episode you’ll learn to count in Italian and you’ll learn the words for the days of the week and the months of the year.