CBG 2.12 | Ich denke, dass Deutsch eine wunderbare Sprache ist!

In this lesson of Coffee Break German we’ll be taking the dass structures a stage further and looking at other verbs which can be used in this context. You’ll learn to use a number of verbs with this structure and you’ll also learn some important rules involving grammar and word order.

CBC 1.16 | Xiǎngyào mǎi shénme? – Shopping in Chinese

This episode of Coffee Break Chinese focuses on the topic of shopping. You’ll learn to say that you’d like to buy souvenirs, postcards, stamps and lots more. You’ll also learn to say that you’re just looking. By the end of this lesson you’ll be ready to shop for souvenirs and other useful items on your trip to China. If you use our bonus materials, there’s also a special conversation in the bonus lesson which will teach you to haggle in Chinese to make sure you get the best price in a Chinese market!

CBI 2.12 | Che belle scarpe e che bell’orologio!

Paying compliments is a key part of Italian culture and society, and in this lesson of Coffee Break Italian you’ll learn to compliment native speakers on their beautiful clothes, their delicious ragù, and their delightful children using the tricky adjectives bello and buono. You’ll discover a trick which will help you to know exactly which form of these adjectives to choose for any noun, and Francesca explains the very Italian concept of la bella figura in the Caffè Culturale.

CBG 2.11 | Ich möchte, dass du das Fenster öffnest

In this lesson we’ll be covering the topic of subordinate clauses. That sounds more complicated than it is! Basically this lesson will teach you how to make requests in German and tell people what you’d like them to do – or not do! Julia is back with another Cultural Correspondent segment and in this episode she’s talking about rules and regulations in German-speaking areas.

CBC 1.15 | Jīntiān shì èr líng yī qī nián Qīyuè wǔ hào – Talking about dates in Chinese

In this lesson we’ll be putting what we’ve previously learned about counting in Mandarin into practise by learning the days of the week, the months of the year, and how to tell the time. All of these topics are based around the numbers, so you’ll quickly learn this new vocabulary and how to put it to use.

CBI 2.11 | I pantaloni blu sono molto eleganti!

In this episode of Coffee Break Italian you’ll be learning about Italian adjectives and how they agree in gender and number with the noun they describe. You’ll learn about Four-Ending, Two-Ending and Invariable adjectives, and how to change the adjectives so that they “agree” with the noun. Join Mark as he goes clothes shopping in Milano (!) and build your vocabulary in the process.