Coffee Break French Live – 19 septembre 2016

Join us for Coffee Break French Live – Q&A with Mark and Pierre-Benoît

Questions featured in this episode:

  1. When do you pronounce the ‘s’ at the end of the word plus?
  2. How do you know whether ‘ll’ is pronounced as an L or a Y sound?
  3. Can you give me some phrases to use when I’m not sure about my opinion about something?
  4. What does the ‘ce’ in est-ce que and qu’est-ce qui really mean?
  5. How do you when to pronounce the ‘-re’ at the end of a word like être or quatre?
  6. What other uses are there for the verb arriver other than ‘to arrive’?

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Episode 35 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

Rory and María take a trip to the village of Valldemossa and, while enjoying an ice cream, they talk about the possibilities open to them for their future plans which will undoubtedly involve a trip to Argentina where Rory hopes to continue his studies. Of course, Mark and Carmen are on hand to discuss the language used in their conversation. This episode includes a focus on the first person plural imperative form, meaning “let’s do something”.

Episode 34 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this episode we’re listening to Alejandro’s email. He’s continuing his travels around northern Europe before returning to Argentina, and he’s desperate to hear about all the updates from Rory and María in Mallorca. The episode contains a range of useful and interesting expressions, along with some tricky language including dudar que + subjunctive, the expression “eso de”, and the phrase “no dar tiempo”.