Coffee Break Italian Season 2 – coming soon!

We’re delighted to report that the Coffee Break Italian team is busy working on the first lessons of Season 2. In Season 2 you’ll be able to take your Italian to the next level by expanding your vocabulary, increasing your understanding of Italian grammar, and building your confidence in using the language. The real focus in Season 2 is on helping you say what you want to say by manipulating the language and understanding the structures of Italian.

Launch date

Lesson 1 of Season 2 goes live on Monday 6th February at 6:00pm UK time. We’ll also be launching the premium version of the course on this date so you’ll be able to take advantage of our video versions, lesson notes and bonus audio materials on the Coffee Break Academy from 30th January. Please note that we are unable to take preorders at this time.

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It’s important to say that Coffee Break Italian is an ongoing production: we’re recording the episodes as we go, so each episode will be released on both the free podcast feed and in the premium Academy course as it becomes available. The episodes will be published every two weeks, allowing you plenty of time in between each lesson to consolidate the language covered before moving on to the next lesson.

Episode 40 – Season 4 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this final episode of the season, María is putting the final touches to her plans for travelling to Argentina with Rory as they start on the next chapter in their life. This episode looks at the sequence of tenses with pedir que + subjunctive among other topics. As usual Mark and Carmen are on hand to discuss the complex aspects of the language featured in this lesson.

Academy Status Update

Incident: Friday 6th January 2017 13:00 UTC

We’re experiencing some technical difficulties on the Coffee Break Academy site today as a result of some updates the hosting company (Teachable) have made. They’re looking into the problems and we’ll be back up and running as soon as possible. You can keep up to date with the status report for the Student View on the Teachable Status page.

As soon as we have an update we’ll post further details here. In the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Friday 6th January 2017 13:28 UTC

It looks like the issue has been fixed. We’ll continue to monitor the site carefully but for now all services are accessible. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience.