On Location German

On Location German – 15 May 2013

Hallo zusammen! Welcome to my last On Location German post. The year has flown by and I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you! Wie die Zeit vergeht! (‘How time flies!’) During my time in Deutschland, I have had lots of new Erlebnisse (‘experiences’), learned lots of new Wörter (‘words’) and visited lots of

On Location German – 7 May 2013

Hallo zusammen! I have really enjoyed my time here in Deutschland and I am here with my very last blog post. I have loved sharing all of my experiences with you and have learnt so much about the German language and culture! As I leave Germany in the next few weeks I will definitely miss

On Location German – 27 Mar 2013

Hallo zusammen! Hey, everyone! As we approach the end of March, that means that Easter is nearly here! I have fond memories of when I was younger when my brothers and I used to paint hard-boiled eggs at Easter time. It turns out that this custom of boiling and painting Ostereier (“Easter eggs”) began in

On Location German – 13 Mar 2013

Hallo zusammen, it’s Holly here, back with another blog post. I’m still having a great time over here in Germany and I am constantly learning new words and phrases. A couple that I have learnt recently are überglücklich sein (to be on top of the world) and zu schön, um es in Worte zu fassen (too

On Location German – 27 Feb 2013

Hallo zusammen! It’s Daniel here for another On Location German blogpost! I now have ein neuer Stundenplan (“a new timetable”), which now allows me more opportunities to travel! (reisen=”to travel”.) So last weekend I took a trip to Hannover in the state of Niedersachsen, (“Lower Saxony”) which isn’t very far from here in Herford. Hannover

On Location German – 13 Feb 2013

Hi everyone! It’s Holly here with another blog post from Germany and after having been back in Scotland for a couple of weeks for the Christmas holidays, I am looking forward to getting back into the German way of life. As most of you will already know, I now live with a German family and

On Location German – 30 Jan 2013

Hallo zusammen! After a couple of carefree weeks back home in not-so-sunny Scotland, I am now back in Germany. For some strange reason, ever since I got back I’ve been hearing the phrase sich Mühe geben a lot, so I decided to look it up. It turns out that it means “to make an effort”.

On Location German – 19 Dec 2012

Hi everyone! We are now on the run up to Christmas and I am back with an article on different Christmas traditions in Germany and things that I have experienced so far during this festive period. Firstly, as Daniel has mentioned, “Weihnachtsmärkte” (Christmas markets) run from the end of November until the end of December and

On Location German- 12th December 2012

Hallo zusammen! Daniel here again for this year’s last blog post and as we have reached that time of year again, this article’s going to be based on Weihnachten – Christmas, with emphasis on food. On Thursday, I learned that the 6th December is known as ‘Nikolaustag’ (‘St. Nicholas’ Day’). This is the traditional start

On Location German – 5 Dec 2012

Hallo! It’s Holly here again with another blog post from Germany. I have now moved in with a German family, so I am getting to speak lots of German and I am learning lots of new things about German culture and new words every day.  When I was moving out of the Jugendgästehaus (youth house/accommodation

On Location German – 28 Nov 2012

Hallo! Daniel here again for another ‘On Location German’ blog post. This week I’ve been having some problems mit meinem Fahrrad (“with my bicycle”). Das Fahrrad (“the bicycle”) is an indispensable mode of transport for me since I arrived in Germany: I went from cycling maybe once a year at home to a minimum of

On Location German – 21 Nov 2012

Hallo! It’s Holly here again with another update from Germany. I am really getting into the swing of things here. One thing that I have definitely noticed is that if you want to be like a German in Münster, you need to get a bike. There are separate red paths which are designated for cyclists,

On Location German – 7 Nov 2012

Hello everyone! It’s Daniel here in Germany and the last couple of weeks have been rather eventful: as well as a week of work, as per usual, I took two trips to other parts of Germany during my Herbstferien (autumn holidays). Five days in Stuttgart and Tübingen in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg as well

On Location German – 31 Oct 2012

Hallo! It’s Holly here in Münster and I’m pleased to be back with another blog post about my life as a language assistant in Germany. Well, the change in seasons here in North-West Germany is pretty drastic! A few weeks ago it was 22 degrees and now, as I am writing this, it is -3

On Location German – 17 Oct 2012

Grüße aus Deutschland! (“Greetings from Germany!”) My name is Daniel and I’ve been living in Germany for almost two months now. This year, I am working as a Fremdsprachenassistent (“foreign languages assistant”) in a Realschule (one of the types of secondary schools, where pupils are usually between 10 and 16 years old). In the short

On Location German 3rd Oct 2012

Hello, my name is Holly, I am 19 and this year I will be spending a year in Münster, Germany. I am working as a Fremdsprachenassistentin (English foreign language assistant) in a Gymnasium (grammar school) in Dülmen which is near Münster and I have been here for three weeks now. When I first arrived I

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Our German bloggers will be bringing you weekly blog posts from Dülmen and Herford in the northwest of Germany. Meet Holly and Daniel: Introducing Holly My name is Holly, I’m 19 and I’m a student from Scotland. This year I am working as an English language assistant in a town called Dülmen which is near