Will Coffee Break Spanish be the #1 podcast in the US?

Picture_3There is great excitement here at Radio Lingua as we discovered this morning that Coffee Break Spanish is currently the second most popular podcast in the US according to iTunes. That’s second most popular of all podcasts, not just Education, and at the last count I heard that means 120,000 podcasts. The question is: will we reach number 1? It’s pretty impossible to know how far away we are from This American Life from Chicago Public Radio, but it would be fantastic to be #1, even just for a short while! We’ll keep you posted…

Radio Lingua supporting the Euroscola visit, reporting live from Strasbourg, France

EuroscolaonlineHere are Radio Lingua we’re continuing to develop our range of services and for the past few months we’ve been supporting a number of projects within the education space in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. This week, Mark is in Strasbourg, France, working with a number of colleagues leading a student visit to the European Parliament. The students have been selected to represent their local area and are being sponsored to take part in this visit by Rotary International. The visit also receives funding from the European Parliament.

In addition to working with the other teachers who are supporting the visit, Mark is producing an on-going video and audio podcast with the students. The entire visit is being documented at www.euroscolaonline.com and you can subscribe to the video podcast in iTunes.

Season 1 – Lesson 15 – Coffee Break French

In this lesson you’ll learn to order drinks in a café. In addition to building your vocabulary for common drinks in French, you’ll also learn the structures used to ask for things. You’ll quickly find how easy it is to reuse these structures in other situations, and before long you’ll be ready to order a coffee, a mineral water and lots more!

Radio Lingua på norsk

I’ve just spent the evening recording the latest in our One Minute Languages series in Sandefjord, Norway, with my good friend and former colleague, Norwegian teacher Dag Virik. We recorded the whole series tonight and will be releasing it in a couple of weeks’ time, so if you’re interested in picking up a “litt norsk”, (a little Norwegian) then we’ll be announcing a start date very soon.

Image originally uploaded by Petter Nordby.

Lesson 04 – One Minute Russian

Having learned to say that you speak a little Russian in lesson 03, the chances are that Russian speakers will be so delighted to hear you speaking Russian they’ll start talking to you in fast Russian. In lesson 04 of One Minute Russian you’ll be learning the crucial phrase “I don’t understand”.

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