CBG 2.02 | Ich möchte gern den Braten mit Kartoffeln

How many times have you ordered a drink in a German café, or a snack in a German restaurant and you’ve never been quite sure about whether you’re using the correct word for “a” or “the”. Of course there’s the gender of the word to think about, but the added complication with German is the case! This episode of Coffee Break German focuses on the Accusative case and you’ll master how to use this case with both definite and indefinite articles.

CBC 1.03 | Saying where you come from

In this lesson you’ll learn to say where you come from and to talk about your nationality. You’ll also learn the names for some countries in Mandarin Chinese. As promised in the video, here are the Chinese names for some additional countries:

  • Wēi’ěrshì – Wales
  • Aì’ěrlán – Ireland
  • Fǎguó – France
  • Déguó – Germany
  • Xībānyá – Spain
  • Yìdàlì – Italy
  • Xīnxīlán – New Zealand
  • Rìběn – Japan

If you can’t find your country, go to wordreference.com and search for your country in the English-Chinese dictionary.

CBI 2.02 | Che cosa fai al fine settimana?

In lesson 2 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you’ll further your knowledge of -are verbs within the context of talking about what you do at the weekend. Francesca and Mark introduce more -are verbs including some verbs which have spelling changes, and then talk about what they do at the weekend – in Italian, of course! Isla practises what she has learned by talking about her weekend in Italian, and there are some translation challenges to help you consolidate the new language in the lesson.

CBC 1.02 | Greetings and introductions

It’s time for another lesson of Coffee Break Chinese in which you can join teacher Crystal and learner Mark and learn Mandarin Chinese. In lesson 2, you’ll review what you covered in lesson 1, you’ll learn about greetings at different times of the day, and you’ll learn to introduce yourself and ask other people “what is your name?” in Chinese.

CBG 2.01 | Ich bin Deutscher, sie ist Deutsche und wir sprechen Deutsch

In this first lesson of the new series of Coffee Break German, join teacher Andrea and her student Mark as they review the topic of nationalities and languages. This lesson introduces the fact that, unlike in English, German normally has a different word for the nationality and the language of a country. You’ll also review the verbs sprechen and lernen, and the team is joined by our Cultural Correspondent Julia who’s back with more cultural information about the German-speaking world.

CBC 1.01 | Asking “how are you?” in Chinese

Welcome to this first lesson in our brand new series which will help you learn Mandarin Chinese. Join teacher Crystal and learner Mark for this coffee break lesson and start learning the basics today. In lesson 1, you’ll learn to say “hello” and “goodbye”. You’ll also learn to ask “how are you?” in Mandarin and answer this question in a number of ways. If you’ve never learned Chinese before this lesson is perfect for you.

CBI 2.01 | Ricominciamo! Using Italian -are verbs

CBI Lesson 201

In lesson 1 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you’ll take the first steps in learning to manipulate the language and say what you want to say! Lesson 1 focuses on regular -are verbs, and you’ll learn to conjugate these verbs in the present tense. Join teacher Mark, native speaker Francesca and learner Isla in this first episode of our new series.

Introducing Coffee Break Chinese

We’re very excited to introduce a brand new show in the Coffee Break family – from Wednesday 8th February you can start learning Mandarin Chinese with Coffee Break Chinese. Watch the video above to find out more about the show and to get to know our teacher Crystal and learner Mark.

To access the free lessons of Coffee Break Chinese, make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast – see the links below. Lessons will be published in batches of ten lessons with short mid-season breaks in between each batch. Lesson 2 will be available on 15th February.

Coffee Break Chinese – Premium Version

If you’d like to take your learning further you can access the premium version of Coffee Break Chinese which features video versions of the lessons showing both Pinyin and Chinese characters for all the words and phrases covered; there are comprehensive lesson notes for each episode; and a bonus audio episode will help you review what you’ve learned. Coffee Break Chinese will be available in the Coffee Break Academy from 8th February and the premium lessons will become available shortly before they are published on our website and released on the podcast.

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Introducing Coffee Break Italian Season 2

To access the free lessons of Season 2, make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast – see the links below. Lessons will be published fortnightly, so lesson 2 will be available on Monday 20th February. The premium version of Season 2 will be available on the Coffee Break Academy from 6th February. Again, episodes will be published every two weeks, so premium members will be able to access the videos, bonus audio and lesson notes for each lesson as they become available.