Introducing Coffee Break German Season 2

We’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break German Season 2 will launch on Monday 13th February. In this video, join learner Mark and our new teacher Andrea as they discuss what’s coming up in Season 2. Julia, our Cultural Correspondent, also joins us for the new season.

10 thoughts on “Introducing Coffee Break German Season 2”

  1. I have done some German in the past (including an Open University Level 1 Module) but not for a few years. Do I need to start with Coffee Break German 1 or could I jumped straight into Season 2?

    Thank you

    Trevor Boyd

  2. I have just finished Coffee Break German episode 39 and was feeling a bit sad that tomorrow will be the last show.

    So I was delighted to log onto the website and learn there is a season 2!

    Our Head Office is in Berlin so I am there every 3 months. Although I do not need German for my job I feel it is an excellent opportunity to lean and use a language. Coffee Break German has helped me book hotel rooms, order meals, make small talk, give directions, get taxis and most importantly given me confidence to speak the language.

    I live in Vermont so I do not get much opportunity to speak German and there are no classes near me so Coffee Break German has been crucial. I actually just completed Goethe Institute A1 German distance learning and I feel I learned more from Coffee Break German (at a fraction of the cost!!)

    So as soon as it is available I am signing up for the paid version of season 2 because I love the video flashcards!


    Keep up the great work!


  3. Superb work on Season 1, and the podcasts are a great way to train the brain while commuting. One question though, what happened to the Genitive case? Are you planning on introducing it in this season, or is it going to stay like that awkward relative the family don’t discuss?

  4. So glad to see season 2, season 1 was fantastic!! I recommend Radio Lingua any time I have the opportunity.

    Thanks from Detroit.

    • You can download the free episodes of Season 2 from any podcast app by subscribing to the podcast. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Mark, may I ask which level it covers in CBG Season 2?Like A2 or something? Thanks! I love the first season of Coffee Break German, it’s just wonderful!

    • In Season 2 we work between A2 and B1. Of course, like all self-access courses, we’re focusing on receptive skills, so while you’ll be able to understand B1 level written and spoken texts you may not necessarily be producing B1 level language. We would suggest that you combine Coffee Break German with other resources and opportunities to speak and write in German. Hope that helps.


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