Coffee Break Italian wins British Podcast Award

british podcast awards

The British Podcast Awards took place last night in King’s Cross, London, and Coffee Break Italian was named Smartest Podcast 2017. Mark and Francesca were there to collect the award on behalf of the whole Coffee Break team.

The jury was made up of more than 50 independent judges from across the audio and media industry including representatives from The Observer, the Financial Times, New Statesman and The Sunday Times in addition to radio producers, film critics and journalists. Commenting on Coffee Break Italian, the judges said:

The gold goes to a completely new and novel use of the medium of podcasting with an approach that was light, funny and enjoyable which truly makes listeners more smart and informed, beyond their next dinner party.

Other winners included Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Review podcast from the BBC, audioBoom’s Hip Hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan and The Inquiry from BBC Current Affairs for BBC World Service.

Special thanks to Olly Richards from I Will Teach You a Language who joined the Coffee Break team and helped us film a special episode of Coffee Break Conversations.

CBG 2.06 | Was hast du gestern gemacht?

In this lesson of Coffee Break German you’ll be starting to learn to talk in the past using the Perfect Tense. This tense is formed by using a part of the auxiliary verb haben (to have) and the past participle. Andrea will explain everything you need to know, and you’ll soon be saying what you did, what you cooked, what you ate and what you played yesterday, last week and 100 years ago!

CBC 1.10 | Review episode

In this lesson you’ll see how much you’ve learned in the first unit of the course. You’ll listen to a conversation in which Mark and Crystal play two characters who meet each other at a conference in Beijing university. You’ll be amazed at how much you understand, and there’s also some new vocabulary in this lesson too.

CBI 2.06 | Cosa facciamo stasera?

In this lesson you’ll consolidate what you already know about regular -are, -ere and -ire verbs and you’ll also review reflexive verbs. One of the most common uses of the present tense is in making arrangements, and in the dialogues of the lesson you’ll learn to make arrangements, identifying what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and where you’re meeting your Italian-speaking friends.

CBC 1.09 | Talking about languages and language problems in Mandarin Chinese

In this episode of Coffee Break Chinese you’ll learn to say that you can speak a little Chinese. You’ll also learn to talk about the other languages you speak, and to deal with language problems. By the end of the lesson you’ll be able to ask people to speak more slowly, to repeat, and to say that you don’t understand.

Podcast Awards nomination for Coffee Break Italian

We’re delighted to report that Coffee Break Italian has been nominated in the “Smartest podcast” category of the British Podcast Awards. These new awards have been created this year to highlight the best British-made podcasts of the year. The nominations for each category have been selected by a jury and we’re delighted that Coffee Break Italian has made it into the shortlist for the education category.

The British Podcast Awards also have a Listener’s Choice award where podcast listeners from around the world can nominate their favourite British-made podcast. All of our shows qualify for this award, so if you enjoy learning with any of our Coffee Break shows, please vote for us. Mark’s made a short video to explain the voting process:

Voting will literally take less than a minute, and we’d be very grateful to have your vote. Simply search for Coffee Break Spanish / Coffee Break French / Coffee Break Italian / Coffee Break German or Coffee Break Chinese at the British Podcast Awards site, and enter your details to vote. You can vote more than once for different podcasts, so if you listen to more than one of our shows, feel free to vote for each one! However, only one vote per podcast from your email address counts. It’s also important to say that although these awards are celebrating British podcasts, you can vote from anywhere in the world.

The Podcast Awards ceremony is taking place in London on 29th April and Mark and Francesca will be there on the night. We’ll let you know how things go! In the meantime, thanks for your support.

CBG 2.05 | Spielst du gern Klavier?

In this lesson of Coffee Break German you’ll learn to talk about your hobbies and pastimes and to say when, where and how often you do these pastimes. This topic will introduce you to the concept of the Verbklammer, the “verb brackets” which surround any adverbs in your sentence. All will become clear when you listen to Andrea’s explanations, and you can join Mark and practise your German in this context.

CBC 1.08 | Finding your way around the town in Chinese

In this episode you’ll build on what you learned in lesson 7, understanding more words and phrases for dealing with directions in the town. You’ll also learn to talk about where things are in relation to other things, using “to the right of” and “to the left of”. We’ll learn new vocabulary for places in the town, asking if things are near or far, and understanding basic directions.

CBI 2.05 | Mario pulisce la casa

In this lesson you’ll master verbs in the 3rd conjugation – those ending in -ire. There are two groups of these verbs: ones which form their endings as you would expect, and another group which introduce -isc- in the middle of certain forms. You’ll already be familiar with verbs such as capisco, but this lesson will explain how to conjugate all of these verbs.