5 Films for Spanish Learners

¿Vemos una peli? Choosing a film to watch in the language you’re learning can be quite an overwhelming task. Certain foreign-language films may not be as well-known in your country as English-language films, so it’s often hard to know where to even start your search. To help you narrow down your list, we’ve come up


5 Films for Italian Learners

Films are an important language-learning tool: they present us with alternative points of view from which to admire stories set in other countries. Watching a film means immersing yourself in a different language and culture without having to take a plane, from the comfort of your own sofa. It can be challenging at times but,

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break Travels: on the road in Pornic with Pierre-Benoît

Coffee Break French host Pierre-Benoît invites Mark to join him for a guided tour of his home town, Pornic, in the Loire Atlantique area of France. Put your French to the test with this video, all in French. We’ve provided subtitles in both French and English to help you understand everything. Mark and Pierre-Benoît visit


Do you know your panenka from your pipoqueiro?

Football fans across the world are champing at the bit. The FIFA World Cup is kicking off and we are here to celebrate this coming together of nations sharing their love for football! People of different languages gather for one common purpose: seeing their country taking home the World Cup. Whether you are a hard-core


5 Films for German Learners

Have you been looking for some German films to supplement your language learning? The variety within the German movie industry really is astonishing, but we have managed to find some of the most highly-rated films to give you a taste of what’s produced for the silver screen there. They can be enjoyed with or without


5 Films for French Learners

Watching a film in a foreign language is a great way of improving your language skills. Not only does it do wonders for your listening and comprehension skills, but it is also a very enjoyable way of incorporating language learning into your free time. Tuning your ear into everyday colloquial French will massively enhance your