CBS Travel Diaries 2.01 | Llegada a Lima

We’re back with a second season of the Coffee Break Spanish Travel Diaries for intermediate learners of Spanish. Throughout this 10-episode series, we join Ainhoa, her friend Luisa and her brother Esteban from Spain as they travel through western South America on an adventure after finishing college. In the very first episode of the series, we’re in Lima, the capital of Peru, for a jam-packed day of sightseeing and local cuisine. We find out what the trio get up to through Ainhoa’s travel diary entry, and hosts Mark and Marina discuss the interesting language featured along the way. ¡Vámanos!

The podcast episodes will be published weekly from 22nd April. However, if you’d like to binge the entire season then you can access all 10 episodes on the Coffee Break Academy. Our premium version includes lesson notes with additional examples and explanations of the language in each lesson, and a pronunciation practice video to help you improve your speaking. Click here to access the course on the Coffee Break Academy.