Show Time Spanish – Episode 09

In this 10th episode of our intermediate-advanced Spanish course, Mark and Alba discuss Christmas traditions in Spain. José introduces a couple of phrases which you can tell someone not to take something the wrong way in this week’s intermedio. Grammar points covered include al + infinitive, por and para, volver a hacer algo, and expressions which are followed by the subjunctive including antes de que, sin que and para que. 

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3 thoughts on “Show Time Spanish – Episode 09”

  1. This was a wonderful episode! (As they all have been so far.) I really liked the lovely story of Caga-tiò told by Alba – I never heard of him before! And it’s so fun to actually understand the conversation, only on the basis of having followed CBS and Show Time Spanish from the beginning. You are doing a great job, with just the right pace.

  2. Omg, this was the most amusing CBS/STS podcast I’ve listened to so far! It inspired me to google the history of “caga tio” and I laughed my head off. Thanks for a great podcast and a most interesting culture lesson.


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