Season 1 – Lesson 09 – Coffee Break Spanish

In lesson 9, you’ll review all the language you’ve learned so far in this course. Please note that lesson 9 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 109 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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15 thoughts on “Season 1 – Lesson 09 – Coffee Break Spanish”

  1. This is a fantastic website! I wish I found came across this site earlier. I studied Spanish for a year at university and am going to pick up more classes next year. I am enjoying this very much. Thank you for making learning Spanish fun 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this course and for the website.Really liked your grammar tips,like articles el or la before noun when used with Me encante and me gusta.These small bits can easily be missed during the studies, but they are very important since most of us aim to speak the language as close to native speakers as possible.
    Absolutely love Mark’s pronunciation.Same as of native spanish.
    These podacasts can be equally useful for beginners as for people who already speak some spanish.
    Good luck to all of yous in your work !!!

  3. Gracias mi amigos. Me encanta aprendir espanol con usted hara. Soy de Georgia y me gusta cantar y leer libros. I am trying to use mi espanol as much as possible so I don’t lose it. Gracias pero providing these courses online as it truly helps as we continue to add to our diversified quilt of many cultures. Hasta pronto!!

  4. excellent source of information!
    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what ‘Miguel’s’ response is to ‘que tal?’ after he says ‘muy bien’ – I just cant figure it out!!
    Gracias! espero para la respuesta!

  5. This lesson made me realise all that i’ve learn’t in the past 8 lessons, and what fantastic podcasts these are. Thank you Mark and Kara.

  6. coffee break spanish is much appreciated. presently my wife & I are hoping on a vavation to panama or another spanish country near there in feb or march 2012. thanks again!

  7. Thank you guys for this programme. It makes my stress gone away with learning Spanish when I was almost giving up on it. But I still can’t find audio materials to support the lessons I have learnt so far.

  8. Can anyone help me pls?

    As far as I know, in Spain “s” is somehow pronounced like “sh”. For example seis and siete and espanol are kinda like sheish, shiete, and eshpanol. But Mark exactly pronounces them as “s” sound.
    Am I completely wrong? Or is this pronunciation not so common?

    Mark, can you help me pls?

    Thanks a lot:)

    • Hola Laya – my 10 cents worth is … sometimes a ‘c’ is pronouced like a ‘th’ (in Spain only); so cerveza (beer) can be pronounced ‘ther-veza’ (like in therapy). Not so sure about the ‘sh’ sound you mention. Adios.


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