Episode 01 – Walk, Talk and Learn French

In episode 01 of Walk, Talk and Learn French, Pierre-Benoît and Mark introduce the phrase il y en a and discuss adjective agreements. This episode is based around a poster for the film Ratatouille.  

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8 thoughts on “Episode 01 – Walk, Talk and Learn French”

  1. That was really cool! I have learnt about adjective agrrements before but it’s so cool to see it actually being used somewhere. And if you haven’t seen Ratatouille, go see it!

  2. Bravo! Congratulations! I think your way of “teaching” french is one the best one can meet, and so funny and “cool”!. You do such a great job. ¡Muchas gracias!

  3. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, since you first mentioned it, and I’m so pleased that you’ve kicked off with this phrase ‘il y en a’ and explained it in detail as I’ve noticed this phrase appear quite often now and it was starting to really annoy me not know what it meant! Great timing. I really enjoyed the first lesson.
    I love the concept and it makes the french even more relevant to see it in action.
    Only other thing I’d like to give you for feedback is that I did want there to be a little more content in the lesson, don’t know if that’s possible?
    Great job though. Thanks.

  4. This video series is awesome so far! I love that you’re teaching using objects that are really in France. That makes it so applicable because if I was there, I’d now know what that sign meant!

  5. I am going to pass this URL onto out MFL dept at school – I thought it fantastic!! Am also going to get my son to listen on his iPod as he is shortly going to be taking his GCSE French oral, etc!
    Only problem I have is, I could download to my iPhone no problem and I have the sound and pictures (brilliant!) but trying to download to my pc ……. well, it seems impossible – help!

  6. This site is helpul. But, the Scottish accent makes it difficult to understand some of the words… for example” bought” sounds like “but” when the speaker has a thick Scottish accent.

    Would be better if the speaker slows down a bit…. Had to repeat segments several times in order to understand what he is saying


  7. Now having found Walk Talk & Learn. A good idea. Unfortunately, I have only just started to learn French, so some of it was a little above me. How I wish I had learnt more French when at school.

    I find that as I am approaching what may be called “the silver years” retaining some of the words gets to me.

    However I am ploughing on, all of it is extremely interesting and maybe ‘fun’


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