Show Time Spanish – Episode 06

In episode 6 of Show Time Spanish Mark and Alba discuss their recent visits to Edinburgh and will entertain you with some singing! José introduces two phrases to say that things are in a mess, and language points include the pluperfect tense and using double indirect pronouns, eg. a mi madre le gusta la música. 

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3 thoughts on “Show Time Spanish – Episode 06”

  1. Dear Mark,
    I can’t listen to Episode 6 online nor can I download it. I think there’s an error in the file.
    Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. I’m reviewing some of the lessons as I start to catch up again. I have a question that comes from the encore exercises:

    When do we use “antes”, “antes de”, “antes de que”, or (as in this lesson) “antes que”?

    From what I have picked up from CBS and STS, I think “antes” just means “before” followed by a noun. “Antes de”, I know, is followed by the infinitive (so no change in the person/thing doing the action). “Antes de que”–change in the person/thing doing the action? “Antes que”–?

    Estoy un poco confudido.

  3. Alba,

    Puedes explicarme por qué, en el chiste, dijiste ‘son perseguidos’? Yo habría dicho ‘están perseguidos’. Es porque es lo normal que un perro corre tras los gatos?



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