Show Time Spanish – Lesson 01

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Show Time Spanish. In the first episode you will meet presenters Mark and Alba and get to know them a bit better. You will also meet José who will help you take your Spanish to al siguiente nivel in the intermedio. Each episode will provide an opportuntiy for learners to practise their language skills, and to develop a deeper understanding of the Spanish language!

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3 thoughts on “Show Time Spanish – Lesson 01”

  1. I’m still bad at writing Spanish just like that, but I understood almost everything! This is a real cool new podcast! Gonna listen to it while also doing Coffee Break Spanish. (:

    Oh, and pleeeease create a “Show Time French”! (:

  2. I’m sure Alba says “lo voy ententar” before saying the tonguetwister. Did I mis-hear this or are there times when the “a” is omitted after the verb “ir”?


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