A Coffee Break Conversation with French learner Katherine

Welcome to the second episode of Coffee Break Conversations! This week, we’re going to turn things around, because we’re speaking to Coffee Break learner Katherine, who has experienced what it’s like to learn French from scratch using Coffee Break content. Katherine tells us how she incorporated her passion for French into her career path. 


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5 thoughts on “A Coffee Break Conversation with French learner Katherine”

  1. It was such a pleasure to have this opportunity. Many thanks to Mark, Flora and the whole Coffee Break team! Je vous suis vraiment reconnaissant !

  2. Hi Coffee Break Family! These are really great episodes and I truly enjoy listening to them. As a beginning French learner, I would really love to drill into how well the Coffee Break courses alone prepare learners for speaking with natives and truly communicating in countries where the language is primarily spoken. One of the struggles I have as a relatively new learner is determining if I need to be supplementing the Coffee Break courses with another resource and if so, what type of resources and at what stage of my learning I should be doing that? Essentially, I would really like to know if one was to go through all of the Coffee Break French courses and trainings, could he/she really be able to communicate at an advanced level (say B2/C1) when going to France? If not, what would these more advanced learners recommend as a supplement to the Coffee Break courses. Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!

  3. Bonjour Marc,

    J’ai totalement profité ecouter cet épisode avec Katherine. J’ai un renouveau d’espoir après lui écouter. Je voudrais faire une carrière de langue française mais je ne sais pas comment ! J’ai été apprendre le français à peu près depuis deux décennies. Par contre je n’ai pas de confiance à parler. La declaration par Katherine au sujet de l’apprentisage qui se produit de différentes façons m’a trouvé un écho. Merci pour ces series qui aide de nombreux apprenants en langues.


  4. Merci pour une bonne conversation avec Katherine. Quel est le nom du film qu’elle a mentioné pendant la conversation?


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