TFT: Hùg air a’ bhonaid mhòir

This Saturday 30th November is Saint Andrew’s Day, the official national day of Scotland. That’s why this week we’re bringing you a Tune for Tuesday from Coffee Break Languages’ home country. Hùg air a’ bhonaid mhòir is a song in Scots Gaelic by Julie Fowlis, a folk singer and instrumentalist from the Scottish Outer Hebrides. You may recognise her voice from the soundtrack to the 2012 Disney-Pixar film Brave. Listen out for the off-beat, syncopated rhythms and repetition throughout the song, distinctive of Scottish folk music.

If you’re interested in learning some Gaelic, you can check out our One Minute Gaelic course by clicking here. And let us know what you think of Hùg air a’ bhonaid mhòir in the comments below. What other Scottish artists do you know and like?

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