¡Hola amigos! We’re sure that many of you will already known the artist of today’s Tune for Tuesday. Today we’re listening to Bailando which was written and recorded by Enrique Iglesias and Cuban artists Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona in 2014. The song topped the charts all over Latin America, in Spain and in many other European countries, but was not so successful in the UK and Ireland. It was also the theme music of the telenovela (soap opera) Reina de corazones (Queen of Hearts). The music video, which you can watch by scrolling down, was filmed in Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic and was the first Spanish-language music video to reach over 1 billion views. Several other versions of the song have since been recorded, including a Spanglish version featuring Jamaican singer, Sean Paul.

If you’re a Coffee Break Spanish listener, you may have already noticed that the song’s title, Bailando, is an example of the present continuous tense, which can be translated into English as ‘dancing’. Why not see if you can find some of the other examples of this tense in the lyrics? If you need some help, you can find the lyrics online by clicking here, or if you’d like to hear the song played more slowly, we recommend watching the YouTube video below and selecting a slower playback speed by clicking on the settings symbol.

We hope you enjoy practising your Spanish comprehension with this song, and remember to check out our full Tune for Tuesday playlist by scrolling down.


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