New Coffee Break Languages and much more

Here’s a roundup of all the news from our special event held on Friday 8th November. If you’ve not yet watched the live video, you can do so here:

The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine

We’re adding a new Coffee Break Spanish Magazine series to the podcast feed and the Coffee Break Academy. In each episode join Mark and Fernanda for a lively discussion of an aspect of Hispanic culture. You’ll hear a variety of Spanish accents: Fernanda is from Chile and we’ll be joined by our cultural correspondents Sofía from Panama and Anabel from Spain. There are also questions from our listeners in each episode. Listen to the preview episode

Learning languages with music

Every week we bring you a Tune for Tuesday, and we’re developing the area of using music in your language learning with a new series of blog articles in which we make some recommendations on great songs for language learners. There’s even a Spotify playlist to help you! This week it’s Italian: read the article.

Coffee Break Conversations

Our Meet the CoffeeBreakers is a popular area of the website where we tell the stories of language learners like you. We’ve decided to develop this further and are going to be launching a new podcast called Coffee Break Conversations. Each episode will feature an interview with a learner and we’ll share the successes and challenges of learning a language, along with tips and tricks to help you in your own learning. Would you like to take part? Tell us your story!

A new German video

For German learners, we’ve just posted a special video on our YouTube channel which features our cultural correspondent Julia. In Unser Tag in Potsdam, Julia takes Mark on a trip to her hometown of Potsdam and you can go along for the ride! Watch the video.

Coffee Break To Go

Our Coffee Break To Go videos feature interviews with native speakers and help you practise your listening with a range of different accents and styles of speaking. Coffee Break Italian To Go will be broadcast on Tuesdays and Coffee Break French To Go will be broadcast on Wednesdays starting next week. You can watch our promos for a sneak preview: Italian | French

Introducing Coffee Break English

We receive requests for new Coffee Break language courses almost every day and one of the most popular requests is for a course in English. This is why we’ve decided to start working on Coffee Break English. Our first course in this whole new area will be for Spanish speakers. Share this with your Spanish-speaking friends! Find out more about Coffee Break English here.

Introducing Coffee Break Swedish

We’re launching not only a 6th Coffee Break language, but a 7th one too! Starting in January 2020 you can learn Swedish with Coffee Break Swedish. Join teacher Hanna, cultural correspondent Emma and learner Mark in each lesson and build your understanding of this fascinating language and culture. Find out more and sign up to be notified when Swedish goes live!

Announcing Coffee Break French Season 5

Voulez-vous encore un peu de Coffee Break French ? We’re delighted to announce that Coffee Break French Season 5 is now in production and it will be launching in early 2020. There’s a sneak preview in our event video.

And how was our event linked to ABBA?

Finally, if you’ve been wondering why all our marketing and social posts this week have been linked to ABBA lyrics and are curious to see if you spotted them all, check out this article on our site. We’re all ABBA fans at Coffee Break Languages and we couldn’t resist a few references throughout the event.

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