TFT: Yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn 月亮代表我的心

Dàjiā hǎo 大家好! Hello everyone! Today’s Tune for Tuesday comes from Taiwanese singer, Teresa Teng. The song is Yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn 月亮代表我的心 (The moon represents my heart). It was made famous by Teng in 1977 and is often considered a classic within the Mandarin-speaking community.

Teng’s music was very important in the musical history of Taiwan and China. Her songs revolutionised music in China and were banned from the country in the 1980s, as this romantic style of song coming from Taiwan and Hong Kong was considered commercial and decadent. After the ban was lifted a few years later, however, Teng regained her status as one of the most popular singers within the worldwide Chinese community.

Luckily for Coffee Break Chinese learners, the lyrics are quite slow and clear, so see if you can pick out any words you know! Click here to read the lyrics written out in pinyin to help you. Or if you’d like to hear the song played more slowly, we recommend watching the YouTube video below and selecting a slower playback speed by clicking on the settings symbol. 

We hope you enjoy this taste of this style of music and would love to hear what you think of Yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn in the comments.

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