Meet Yvonne, Coffee Break Italian learner

Tell us who you are, where you live, your nationality and how long you’ve been learning a language with us. 

Hello I’m Yvonne, an American living in the beautiful state of Vermont. I started using Coffee Break Italian at the end of January 2018, prompted by an upcoming trip to Italy in May. I travelled to a small town where 4 generations of my great grandfathers lived and died and I wanted to be able to communicate with people in the town to hopefully find out more about my family.

What experience have you had speaking and learning other languages?

I had tried to learn French while in high school, but never put it to use. When I decided to try to learn Italian I attempted many avenues. The first was a local class held at a college, unfortunately it proved too advanced for me. I then tried various apps like Duolingo. They helped you learn words, but not understand how the language works. It wasn’t until I started using Coffee Break Italian did I truly start to understand.

What are your favourite memories of learning a language?

I found investing in the video versions very helpful, the ability to see and hear the words made a big difference for me.

Where would your ideal coffee break be, and with whom? 

I would love to speak Italian in Corato, Italy with any potential relative.

What’s the best language-learning tip you have found works for you? 

I listen to Coffee Break Italian while walking on the treadmill ,then practising some of the phrases or words I’ve learned that day, keeping a log of phrases I might need to use when traveling.

Quick Fire Round

  • Your favourite language: Italian
  • Your favourite word or phrase in the language: vino
  •  Do you have a favourite film, TV show, book or singer in the language? Pane e Tulipani
  • Your favourite destination to practise your language: Italy

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Mille Grazie!

2 thoughts on “Meet Yvonne, Coffee Break Italian learner”

  1. I love Vermont Yvonne! I also love learning Italian with Coffee Break Italian. I never did well in HS with French but after 2 years learning with this program I was pretty good in Sicily last fall! You may like the movie ‘Le Grande Bellezza’ It is my favorite and Detective Moltanbano!!

  2. Brava! Hai doppio cittadinanza? Sono americana e italiano. Mio padre era nato prima la naturalizatione di mio nonno negli stati uniti. Quindi ho applicato per la cittadinanza italiano.


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