CBS Espresso 2

Coffee Break Spanish Espresso 002

In this second episode of the Coffee Break Spanish Espresso you’ll learn about the expression ser de cine, Fernanda will help you get to grips with the subjunctive after para que, and our Spanish quotation of the week looks at the theme of making the most of each day.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Break Spanish Espresso 002”

  1. Muchas gracias Mark another helpful and interesting episode. Please keep them coming. I am a premium member and am still learning and studying every day and these are very helpful to hear native Spanish being spoken.

  2. Muchas gracias Mark, este episodio fue de cine como siempre. Lo que a mí me gusta más es aprender nuevas frases porque ya sé mucha gramática pero quisiera ampliar mi vocabulario. Por favor sigue mostrándonos frases así!

  3. I’ve finished Seasons 1 & 2. I had started Season 3 (STS) but found it a bit tough so I went back and just finishing a review of the Extra podcasts that I recently subscribed to.

    My question is if I wait say a couple months to sign up for the CBS Espresso will I be able to go back to the beginning and to download all the episodes at that time. I would like to complete Season 3 first.

  4. I really love listening. It teaches me, keeps me thinking in Spanish, and is very entertaining. It’s the perfect combination of Spanish with English explanation. Thanks!


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