Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 207

We’re back with another edition of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. In this episode:

  • Alba asks, ¿qué es para ti el verano? – what does summer mean to you?
  • Mark joins Fernanda on a virtual tour of the Dominican Republic;
  • and JP and Nahyeli answer a listener’s question about the use of the imperfect and perfect subjunctive.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Break Spanish Magazine – Episode 207”

  1. Hi All at Radio Lingua. I have been a long time fan of CBS and like the CBS Magazine format. I think I have a better understanding of today’s grammar – which is often complex for native English speakers to learn. I would like to encourage Mark to send out one of his fantastic 25% discount offers so I and others would be tempted to buy the premium versions of CBS Mag 1 & 2 – maybe a bundle price with super discount for buying both premium packs? I have utilised many podcasts to improve my Spanish (I live in Granada, Spain) and Radio Lingua is b far the most professional – keep up the good work. Chris in Granada.

  2. Episode 8 was due on 16/7, episode 9 on 23/7 and episode 10 on 30/7.

    It’s now the 6/8 and not a word, not even a cursory update.


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