Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Update

cbsmag-slant-300Last month we announced our forthcoming Coffee Break Spanish Magazine and we’re pleased to bring you confirmation of the exact launch date. The pilot episode will be released on Wednesday 26th September and this first season of the CBS Magazine will run from 3rd October for ten weeks. In each episode you can look forward to lots of engaging language study including interviews with native speakers, spotlight on grammar topics and idiomatic expressions, and weekly answers to listeners’ questions. As we’ve already explained, each episode will feature lots of Spanish, but we’ll help you understand what’s going on with English explanations and some help with translation. You’ll be pleased to know that the series will be presented by some familiar voices!

Premium version

The Coffee Break Spanish Magazine will be an audio show, and as usual there will be full text support in the premium version of the course. However we’re delighted to be introducing a video element to Coffee Break Spanish – we’ve been out with our cameras filming interviews with real native speakers on the streets, so we’ll be bringing you authentic Spanish as it’s spoken around the world. The video elements will also be part of the premium content.

More announcements on 26th September

We’re also very excited to be bringing you more news on 26th September. It’s the European Day of Languages and we’re taking this opportunity to make a few exciting announcements about new Radio Lingua content, including a major new project in a new language! That’s all we can say for the time being, so you’ll have to wait until 26th September to find out more!

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