German for intermediate learners

ibook-fog-600We’re pleased to announce that our course in German idioms aimed at intermediate learners of German has been updated and is now available in our store. The course features ten lessons and is introduced by teacher and native speaker Julia. Julia is joined by Radio Lingua director Mark, who in A Flavour of German takes on the role of the learner in an attempt to improve his own German. Topics covered include idioms for talking about the weather, eg. es regnet in Strömen (equivalent of “it’s raining cats and dogs”); idioms for talking about being angry, eg. die Wände hochgehen (equivalent of “to climb the walls” or “to be driven up the wall”); and on this romantic St Valentine’s day, idioms about love including bis über beide Ohren verliebt sein, literally meaning “to be in love to above both ears”!

The premium version of A Flavour of German features all ten enhanced audio lessons reworked into videos which can be played on all iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and on iTunes or QuickTime. The lesson guide is available in pdf format and lists all phrases contained in the lessons as well as further examples of the phrases in context. In addition, the iBook version of the course has been submitted to the iBookstore and will be available soon.

For more information about A Flavour of German, please visit the show page, or go ahead and purchase the course now in our store.

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  1. Hello Julia and Mark
    Just found a little spelling mistake in your Demo episode “A Flavour of German 01”. On the slide at 2:05 it must be “sonnig” instead of “sonig”. So the whole phrase should be “In Deutschland ist es warm und sonnig.”

    All the best!!!


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