CBF 1 - 40

Season 1 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break French

The last episode of Season 1, is based on another conversation we recorded on the beach in Sainte-Marie.

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9 thoughts on “Season 1 – Lesson 40 – Coffee Break French”

  1. There’s one section I just can’t quite make out. After Mark’s friend tells him the two words he knows in Breton, Mark asks him what they mean. He says something that sounds like “et ça viere quoi?” or “et savierre quoi?” What’s the word/words between “et” and “quoi”? I’ve been stumped for ages. The friend says it too a moment later, when he’s explaining that “yec’hed mat” means “santé” or “cheers.”

      • I am! And I just figured out what the phrase is. It’s “Et ça veut dire quoi?” which translates to “And what does that mean?” Literally, “And that wants to say what?”

  2. I am having trouble accessing the information on the premimium tools. I click to get the info, but the webpage never loads. Any suggestions on how to sign up for a premimium account?

  3. Really frustrating with these conversation episodes with words we never learned, people talking too fast, and people running everything together. I get that we eventually have to learn this but I feel it is way too soon. I was doing really well up to these conversation episodes and now I am about ready to just give up and quit. I don’t understand why instead of building our confidence you feel the need to prove to us how dumb we are and how little we have learned. Worst is when you tell us something we never heard is a very common expression in French. Then why didn’t we learn it and how am I supposed to remembet when instead of teaching it to us and having us tepeat it several times lije the regular lessons, you just tell us once in these conversation lessons. am glad I didn’t waste money on the Premium version, which I was considering.

    • Hi Lenny. Apologies for the slow reply – our notifications were not set correctly so we missed your comment. We’re sorry that you find that the conversations in lessons 31-40 are a big jump from the rest of the course. It’s true that there is an increase in the difficulty level, but we wanted to introduce a more challenging level at the end of the course because when learners are exposed to “real French” when travelling then this is not slowed-down, easy French – it’s how people really speak. The conversations in lessons 31-40 build on what has gone before and we feel that they represent a fair progression from the earlier lessons, while offering learners the chance to be challenged more. As you progress onto Season 2 you’ll see that for lessons 1-30 we return to the similar pace of the earlier lessons, always growing and moving forward. Then lessons 31-40 of Season 2 have a similar more challenging nature. I hope this helps to explain.

  4. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the beginner episodes of this podcast and to thank you for putting up such high quality content for free! I am re-learning French (I was fluent as a kid but lost it as an adult) and I really appreciate the emphasis on pronunciation, providing a framework for constructing sentences vs. just memorising phrases, and that you’re (mostly) leaving the grammar for season 2. I came here to improve my aural comprehension so I especially loved the last episodes. You prepared us well enough in previous episodes to understand a lot of what people were saying during the trip to France but there was always something new to learn. I was surprised by how well I understood people speaking at conversational speeds and with less-than-crisp enunciation. Looking forward to the intermediate classes!


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