Meet the team: Monica

Hello! My name’s Monica and I’m Radio Lingua’s Content Production Assistant. I first started working with Radio Lingua when I was younger on a project called High Five French and, in the past two years, I’ve started working on producing content for a variety of new courses and projects.

What is your role in Coffee Break?

As a Content Production Assistant, my job is very varied and always interesting! Some tasks my job involves include: researching for and writing blog articles, creating graphics to either go with blog articles or be posted on social media, working through the editing process of making video courses, and even travelling to places such as France and Italy to help film footage for new courses.

What experience have you had speaking and learning other languages?

A lot of my experience learning languages has come from Radio Lingua! As I briefly mentioned before, I was part of the High Five French course about 7 years ago now. This really inspired me to keep learning French throughout school and gave me a greater appreciation for language learning in general. My more recent work has involved editing videos which are in other languages such as Italian, German, and Chinese – through this I’ve been able to pick up some words here and there! I am now at university and have taken Spanish as one of my classes as I’d really like to continue learning languages.

What are your favourite memories of working with Coffee Break?

I have lots of amazing memories with Coffee Break, but if I had to pick favourites they would probably be filming High Five French and CBF To Go in France, and filming CBI To Go in Italy – it’s always such a great experience getting to travel for work!

Monica working with Francesca while filming in Milan

Where would your ideal coffee break be and with whom?

Ooh that’s a difficult one, but I think my ideal coffee break would probably be on a sunny day in the beautiful Tuileries Garden in Paris!

Quick-fire round

• Favourite language: French
• Favourite word/phrase in French: “Bonjour et bienvenue à High Five French” 😉
• Favourite French film:  Les Intouchables
• Favourite destination: Ireland or Paris

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