TFT: Ojalá que llueva café

¡Hola a todos! Welcome back to Tune for Tuesday, bringing you a new song every week from around the world! This week we’re listening to Ojalá que llueva café by Juan Luis Guerra from the Dominican Republic. Possibly one of the most internationally successful Latin artists, his music is heavily influenced by a range of styles, including native Caribbean merengue and bachata rhythms. We love this catchy song, whose lyrics use coffee to express an important message about granting people their basic necessities and relieving those in need of their hunger and struggle.

Coffee Break Spanish learners, have you noticed the use of the subjunctive in the title yet? It’s a perfect example of the structure ojalá que + subjunctive (to hope that something will happen). The lyrics also contain one other subjunctive trigger. Can you spot it? To help, try reading the lyrics while you listen to the song.

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