Season 3 – Lesson 10 – Coffee Break Spanish

It’s time for our second installment of the Coffee Break Spanish telenovela, Verano Español. Laura and her mother have just arrived in Spain to spend the summer in the house they’ve recently inherited from tía Julia. In this episode we’ll meet some of their new neighbours and Laura makes a new friend.

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4 thoughts on “Season 3 – Lesson 10 – Coffee Break Spanish”

  1. This is great! I like all of your Show Time Spanish lessons, to me they seem the best way to relax and learn, cada dia un poco sin estar molida 🙂 Muchisimas gracias a todos hombres en el “team” de verano espanol!

  2. I am from Andheri west, mumbai, India. I am a bengalee, and have listened to the contents of all the 80 podcasts made availavle in your website. Those are really brilliant. It looks compared to your quality, all local teaching shops here poses to teach spanish, are simply jokes. Preveously, I did not have iota of an idea that Internet and your site could be so effective , a teacher. I am seriously thinking to take your membership.


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