Meet the team at the London Language Show

langshow-mpThis weekend (Friday 30th October – Sunday 1st November) the Radio Lingua team will be at the Language Show in London’s Olympia. We’ll be talking to language learners, answering questions, and offering visitors the chance to win a new iPod nano (the cool one with the video camera!) pre-loaded with a premium language course of your choice. There are free tickets available for the show from the official website and we’ll be among hundreds of companies and organisations involved in language learning who will be exhibiting.

Come along and chat with Mark from Coffee Break Spanish/French and Pierre-Benoît from Walk, Talk and Learn French. If you’re a teacher you can find out more about our education workshops and products through Radio Lingua Schools, and take advantage of our show offers (40% off any subscription when bought at the show). We’ll be tweeting from the show about interesting language-learners we meet, so make sure you’re following @radiolingua on Twitter if you can’t attend.

We’re at stand 33, to the left as you enter the main entrance. If you’re planning to come and say “bonjour”, “hola” or whatever other language you’ve been learning with us, do let us know by posting a comment below, and we’ll look out for you. There may even be an exclusive Radio Lingua free gift for you!

11 thoughts on “Meet the team at the London Language Show”

  1. I’m aiming to come along this weekend purely to say hi! I think Coffee Break French is great & I’ve learned quite a bit even though I’ve only just got stuck into it!
    See you there!

  2. Ah wish I could go !!! Mark & Anna are part of my daily commute.. would be great to thank them in person as after a life time of trying to learn French the coffee break series was a perfect medium to get me on track !! Big thank you to you both.

  3. I would love to come but sadly I will be far away here in Toronto. I love Showtime Spanish. I miss Alba a lot, however, I am enjoying the new Latin American focus. I am about to start Coffee Break French. Have a great time at the show. Scott.

  4. Hi Mark and all the Radio Lingua team!

    I’ll be there, I’m not sure which day yet, but I’ll definately come to the stand. I listen to Showtime Spanish while I’m walking and it always puts me in a good mood by the time I arrive to work 🙂

    Look forward to meeting you there!


  5. Well we’ve just finished setting up the stand for tomorrow and I’m quite pleased with how it looks! We’re looking forward to meeting some of our listeners and hopefully getting a few new listeners too!

  6. Que bien!

    My parnter and I are going to the show this Sunday.

    I will make sure I find you and say hola.

    I love your podcast’s.

  7. Came to chat at Language show today and grabbed a pen to remind me to find you online. Now downloading one minute german to keep me going, but sad that there aren’t any higher level materials for my good but slightly rusty french. I think a bit of greek will be next. Looking forward to having a listen on the tube tomorrow.

  8. Hi ,First I want to thank you Mark and all the Radio Lingua Team ..especially about Coffee Break Spanish .. I hope we can see more Videos soon .. in UTube .. like Coffee Break French 🙂

    Muchas Gracias


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