Season 1 – Lesson 07 – Coffee Break Spanish

In lesson 7, you’ll learn to talk about your job and whether or not you like it. Please note that lesson 7 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 107 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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30 thoughts on “Season 1 – Lesson 07 – Coffee Break Spanish”

  1. Dear Mark and Kara,
    We love Coffee Break Spanish! I’m an architect in northern California, and my daughter Flora is seven years old. We listen together in the car and on our days off. Here’s Flora:
    “I like the podcasts. (giggle giggle smirk.)”
    Thank you for giving us a fun way to learn Spanish together! I’m looking forward to talking with the Spanish-speaking parents at Flora’s school.
    Vivian and Flora

  2. Hello,

    Love this tool of learning! Good job guys.

    How do you say I am an events manager? or would you say I work in Marketing?

    Muchas gracias.

  3. Hola q tal? maestros^^*
    Soy Jua, Coreana, me gusta mucho este program.
    Yo no he veo como este radio !
    Im so happy to listen it a lot^^
    I love yo guys thank you !

  4. How do I say “I don’t work”?

    In the lesson you say “no trabajo” but that’s only “no job”, how do I say the whole sentence?

    Is it “soy no trabajo?”

    • Kingleo, do you know the conjugation of the verb” trabajar”? The first person, yo, will be trabajo, which means “I work”. To say, ” I don’t work” you would say, “No trabajo.”
      Remember there is a difference between the noun which means “work” or “job” and the verb. Just so happens the FIRST person present tense of the verb looks the same as the noun. Look in a verb conjugation book to see the entire conjugation of “trabajar”. Hope this helps a little.

  5. @ Kingleo – se dice – “YO no trabajo.”

    Trabajar is the verb to work, you are conjugating it in the present personal I form and adding the negative no to the sentence so you are saying

    “I don’t work”, when you say, “Yo (I) no trabajo (don’t work)”

  6. Dear Mark and Kara,

    New to the website (way after every one else).

    We love your enthusiasm. It is catching and I can’t wait to learn more.

    Thank you so much (from Sydney) xx

    Vicki & Rob 🙂

  7. Estan muy buenas estas clases en podcasts. El accento sale al español hablado en España.
    Buen provecho a todos!
    Gracias al equipo de Coffee Break.
    Bruno desde Brasil[]

  8. Me llamo lindsey Soy estudiante de espanol.
    soy de Corea, vivo en seul.
    me mucho gusta tu clase. siempre muchos gracias =)

  9. Megan, in this case ‘trabajo’ is a noun (el trabajo), not a verb. You could also say ‘te gusta tu perro’ (your dog) or ‘te gusta tu coche’ (your car), por ejemplo..

  10. gracias mark and kara! i am in mexico and taking classes but i love to supplement with your classes. you have such a easy and fun attitude and i can listen while working out..
    i have been to scotland a few times and love your accents!

  11. Thank you so much Mark and Cara! This is the best Spanish learning podcast. Just like Tara said, it’s easy and fun with you guys.

    It’s awesome that I’m learning Scottish accent too!

  12. I learnt German with Coffee Break German last year to enable me to speak the language when I went to the Austrian hotel where we stay every year. The staff were pleasantly surprised at hearing me speak the language and I received very special treatment from them compared to my colleagues for the whole week we were there. They noticed and asked me how to say a few phrases. They all found it very rewarding and so did I. Thank you so much, I was truly amazed at being understood by them as the waiting staff did not speak English.
    I am now reactivating my Spanish with a U3A group and we are having great fun with the podcasts, practising with coffee and biscuits. I have recommended your courses to many friends. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm! Un cordial saludo!

  13. I am unexpectedly in Mexico for a month, as my husband came to a hospital here, so have decided to do some basic Spanish (I have done premium CB French). It is really helpful. Muchas Gracias Mark and Cara


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