Season 1 – Lesson 02 – Coffee Break Spanish

In lesson 2, you’ll learn how to greet people at different times of the day, and build on what you learned in lesson 1. Please note that lesson 2 of Season 1 was originally known as lesson 102 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners.

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61 thoughts on “Season 1 – Lesson 02 – Coffee Break Spanish”

  1. Hi, I think I am being v stupid but just cannot seem to get back episodes to my ipod. Have tried some of the suggestions, can anyone help in plain english what I need to do?

    Thank you!

  2. iTunes will not lets me download any lessons before lesson 26. Is anyone else having the same problem? Have you found a way around it?

  3. I like the lessons ecept for one thing. I prefer to hear the teacher say the word or words and then I would repeat them. I don’t feel it helps when Cara says teh word or words immediately after.

  4. CBS is wonderful to have in your car to listen to as you drive to/from work (I live in North America with little public transportation). It really supports my regular Spanish classes.

  5. Hi,

    I just started with the spanish coffee break. I’m now at lesson 6. But the lessons 1-10 don’t work anymore. It doesn’t play anymore. So i want to know why.

  6. Hi! Seems to be very pedagogical lessons that makes learning Spanish fun. Lovely british accent too :-)! Must mention the intro song and its lyrics; very witty and amusing :-D!

  7. Love the correct spanish accent…… truly authentic! Lesson 1-10 available if you dont go through cbs just download from radio lingua network.

  8. Gracias! Pronounciation trials are good and it’s very good that you explain the details, such as in which situations the phrases are used.

  9. I love this type of learning..
    I have noted down what i have heard by listening and also the help of google, hope it’s useful to someone who can not understand.

    1. buenos dias = good momrning
    2. buenas tades= good afternoon
    3. buenas noches = good evening/good night
    4. adios = goodbye
    5. hasta luego = see you later
    6. hasta pronto = see you soon
    7. hasta manana = see you tomorrow (can not type the special “n”-the first”n” is not the same as the second)

  10. loved it. the teacher is a professional. He really knows his job.great.thanks a lot. GRACIA, it is muy bien 😉

  11. i really love these lessons!!
    but i’m having a problem downloading it ;(
    does anyone know how to download it through computer as MP3 file, not through i-phone? or is it impossible??

  12. I really like listening to this (having used Coffee Break French before). I find the instructor very reassuring – they seem to know when to elaborate or give detail/practice, and when to move on. The kindle download is also very helpful, although I’ve to use google pronouncer to help with the ‘bonus’ words.

  13. Hey um my coffee break is only 10 minutes long! this doesnt fit in with my schedule!!! sorry!this scottish chick sucks. help my ears!! #thisdoesntfitintomyscheduleandscottishaccentssuck!

  14. My best friend and I listen to Coffee Break Spanish in our Spanish class. It is fabulous! We both love it and learn so freaking much! This is the most wonderful gift to all of mankind. Thank you, Coffee Break Spanish, for changing our lives one Coffee Break Spanish lesson at a time.

  15. This is fabulous! Stupendous! Wonderful! Fantastic! I agree when Cameron says “This is the most wonderful gift to all of mankind!”

  16. Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with getting the “top up” podcasts? They mention them at the end of the episodes and mention them in the notes but I can’t find where to get them… 🙁

  17. Hola!

    que tal? Yo soy muy bien! this website is really really good! I have been taking spanish for many years. I am really experienced and even tho I know a lot of espanol I learn something new each lesson! I really like this website! 🙂 adios-


  18. Ola amigos,

    Me gusta su metodico de hablando Espanol. Yo estoy una professora de musica y conoci bien ensenando. Helas, mi espanol es pobre, pero yo estudiando con una professora de espanol ahora. Su lecciones me ayuda mucho.

    Mil gracias!!!


  19. Hola!
    Soy Coreana.! Me encantada!

    Its first time to be here!
    I found this site is very very helpful….and I am very happy to hear Spanish learning radio ! ! !
    I used to learn Spanish by book. 🙂
    But, I think this is more fun….to learn Spanish~

    Muchas gracias!

  20. Hello, Mark and Cara! Me gusta your teaching style and your voices very much! I find the vocabulary is sticking with me, and pronunciation, too! I think you both speak clearly and the repetition, although I get a bit impatient (my middle name is impatient), I truly think the repetition is critical for this online learning both for pronunciation and memorization. Muchas gracias for all your amazing work! I mean you learn a language out of necessity, or because you like people and want to communicate with them, right? So if you don’t like the people (unfortunate), then pick another language? Anyway, keep doing what you do.

    Quick question:
    I am wondering why the word Mujer is used for wife rather than esposa? Mujer here in USA isn’t heard much, or because I’m not involved directly in the Spanish-speaking community. Also, mi marido vs mi hombre, which is used for what purpose? Thank you in advance! I’ll watch for your reply.

  21. Ok, I found my answer in Lesson 9! Different terms for “husband” and “wife” are used in different Spanish speaking areas. Muchas Gracias!

  22. Really enjoying this podcast thank you. The host and Kara are very easy to listen to and make learning a new language a lot easier than I imagined. Please keep it up 🙂 I will recommend to all my friends and family


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