Season 1 – Lesson 01 – Coffee Break French

Welcome to the very first episode of Coffee Break French! To kick start the series we’re starting with the basics as we’re teaching you how to ask people how they’re feeling. You’ll also learn how to respond to this question in a number of ways.

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66 thoughts on “Season 1 – Lesson 01 – Coffee Break French”

    I hope you have the next lessons related to the one before. Thanks again!

  2. not only i enjoy listening to the french words and expression… Mark’s scottish english is quite enjoyable to listen to as well. thanks guys good job.

  3. Hey guys thanks so much…. found it so easy to understand and follow. So much easier to try and memorise. AWESOME CLASS!

  4. Is there a way I can download these free to my ipod like I can on itunes?

    Problem with itunes, I don’t seem to be able to download past lessons, eg Lessons 1-10.


  5. Merci

    This conversion has help me a lot. You guys are doing an amazing job by helping people like us to learn the language. MERCI 😀

  6. The triumphant return! So good to have this back, I’m hoping you’ll put in some background on Nice in, like you did for the Loire last time. Also, no Anna?

  7. Hi i really wanted to download this but it wouldn’t let me on my ipod so i tried on the computer but it still would not work. Is this to do with my itunes. Or do you know of this problem and will it be fixed? thankyou

  8. “Je suis en forme” When you first said it I heard “Je suis en faim” so I thought you were hungry. What do I do with these Fish and Chips now…

    Très bien, merci.

  9. Merci, guys! Je suis Hongkonger. Thank you for teaching French online for free. The audio is good, but i believe it will be better if a script and a learning guide are provided. Anyway, merci beaucoup.=)

  10. If you are looking for the old episodes on iTunes, locate the program, then manually download the episodes. You may have to customize your podcast settings to “keep all episodes” so they don’t auto-delete after you listen once.

    I love this program, I’ve recommended this podcast to many of my college classmates who are struggling with pronunciation of the basic language.

    I am a Spanish student from the U.S. and took a study tour of Spain this summer. My fellow travelers bamboozled me into taking an extension to Paris and I was terrified. I and another of my classmates sat on the bus between Pamplona and Barcelona, listening to Coffee Break French and learning some basic phrases. We had loads of strange looks from our fellow travelers, but we were in good shape when we arrived in Paris.


    Suzanne, Southern Californa, USA

  11. Merci! I love this program, it’s useful for me, and most importantly, it’s relaxing and cool. I hope I can speak French well one day!!

  12. Just amazing! Here I can learn both French and a little hearing of Eng/Scottish accent, what a nice website!
    Merci beaucoup,
    Bruno du Brésil.

  13. I went to Dakar ,senegal and i have no idea how to communicate with people in french and thanks to coffee break french it help me to start communication .so thank you very much teacher Mark and student Anna .keep up the good work.

  14. Hello! I just love the podcasts! I’ve been traveling all around the world listening to you guys. I think now it might be the time to take a step forward. But first I would like to know if Amazon’s 4 lessons packs offer the same benefits as buying from the website. Thank you and a big hi from Brazil!

    • Obrigado, Henrique! The Amazon lesson packs are made up of the lesson notes for groups of five lessons. If you buy on our site you get access to the lesson notes, bonus audio and our ‘synchronised flashcards’ which allow you to see the words and phrases on the screen of your iOS device while listening. Hope that helps.

  15. I love coffee break french! I found it on i tunes just a few months ago and I am totally addicted… I’ve also told all my friends about it! Mark and Ana are just great, congratulations for such an useful tool. Ps. The only downside is Ana’s mis pronunciating the words parler and soleil… Hahahaha.

  16. Hi Anna and Mark

    Im a beginner and your job is very good…during my journey until my job im always “drinking” my french coffee with you….and the better of that is because I improve my english also….

    Best Regards

    Antonio Sergio (brazilian living in Portugal)

  17. I love Mark’s personality and would love to have coffee and practice my French with him. So cheery and patient. I’m walking around cleaning my house and talking to the couch, the vacuum, the pillows… “et toi? commet t’appelle TU?” Such a great podcast. THANK YOU

  18. I purchased Season 2 (awhile ago) but can no longer access it.
    Can you explain the problem. I was under the impression that it didn’t run out.

    • Hi Jackie. Please contact us by email support [at] radiolingua [dot] com and we’ll help you get access to the materials you previously purchased.


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