Introducing the Coffee Break Reading Club

Here at Coffee Break Languages, we’ve been very busy putting together a brand new course in response to the Coffee Break community’s requests for more reading content. We’re delighted to launch the Reading Club today in French, German, Italian and Spanish!

The Coffee Break Reading Club has been designed to help intermediate learners build their vocabulary and comprehension skills, while learning about many aspects of culture of the countries and areas where the languages are spoken. There are texts on sporting activities, cultural events, tourist attractions, customs and traditions, and many more topics.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier to take part in this new course: we simply send you an email every week for the next year. If you can put aside 10-15 minutes – the perfect coffee break! – once a week, then you’re well on your way to improving your comprehension skills in the language you’re learning.

The basic version of the Reading Club is absolutely free: you can sign up and we’ll send you the weekly texts. If you prefer, there’s also a premium version of the Reading Club. If you’d like vocabulary lists, a comprehension exercise, and the exclusive audio version of the texts where you can listen to a native speaker reading the text at a normal speaking speed and a slower version, then you can access the premium version of the Reading Club.

Interested? Read on!

It’s really easy to access both the free version and the premium version of the Coffee Break Reading Club. Simply click on the links below:

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy building your reading skills with the Coffee Break Reading Club.